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Uganda: Two clinics in ten days

With support from The Children’s AIDS Fund, I will be working with Dr. Elioda Tumweisgwe to set up FrontlineSMS:Medic programs at Bushenyi Medican Center and Kabwohe Clinical Research Center in the western rural district of Bushenyi. Dr. Tumweisgwe is the Chairman of the Uganda Parliament’s HIV Committee.


Over 200 CHWs will be involved in the two programs for the clinics, which collectively serve 800,000 people in 29 subcounties and 2,304 villages.


Here’s my schedule from the night of March 18th:

I’ll be documenting those two weeks with a Flip video camcorder, courtesy of the Clinton Global Initiative. Somewhere in there, my last quarter at Stanford begins. \+/

Posted: March 8th, 2009
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