“It’s too good to be true!”

In Bushenyi, Uganda, I worked with two ART clinics to set up FrontlineSMS:Medic programs. The SMS programs will focus mainly on supporting ART monitors and RPMs (Resident Parish Mobilizers) working within the communities. The clinics will use the system to enable patient tracking, emergency care services, symptom reporting, and adherence reporting. The following is a video of Dr. Elioda Tumwesigye, introducing the project:

Selected notes from the first two days of my 10-day trip:

Day 1:

2-hour all-encompassing FrontlineSMS training session with ART coordinator, community nurses, and data managers included…

  1. Connecting the GSM modem
  2. Checking for new messages
  3. Sending one-off messages to contacts
  4. Sending group messages
  5. Managing contacts and groups
  6. Enabling emails via auto-forwarding
  7. Auto-replies via keyword (e.g. drug information)
  8. Auto top-up system (“ID#_units”)

Elly, Arthur, and Joham interacting with FrontlineSMS for the first time

See more photos from Uganda here.

An important component of that training session — group worked together as one person used FrontlineSMS to, for example, add a new contact and set that contact up to receive SMS credit upon request.

Day 2:

During a meeting with 30+ clinicians at KCRC, I talked about the St. Gabriel’s pilot, introduced FrontlineSMS + the handsets, and talked through use cases with the staff. One nurse asked if we could recruit participants for clinical trials (and monitor trials) via SMS. That may work well, with CHWs in the field relaying study info, CHWs texting back mobile #s of interested community members, and those contacts being added to an SMS info distribution list. A few sheets of paper were passed around the group during the presentation, for staff to make note of ideas for use within the ART + community-based care programs.

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