News for August 2009


The Medic Mobile software development team, led by Dieterich Lawson, just posted videos of a new software plugin, PatientView.

The PatientView plugin creates a new user interface within FrontlineSMS Рone screen where staff at a central computer can view all data relevant to an individual patient.  Users will also be able to sort through, update, and add new records from the central computer. This plugin is designed to manage patient information at small health centers, some of which will move on to a robust medical records system in the future, others of which will prefer to use FrontlineSMS to send data to a medical records system at the nearest large hospital.

Check out Dieterich’s post and the PatientView demonstration videos at

We’re very excited about the plugin, which has been shaped by feedback from numerous clinical partners and healthcare workers in the field.

Posted: August 13th, 2009
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